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Ultrasound scans

Taken at appropriate times during your pregnancy

Ultrasound Scans

Copies of the developmental scans are yours to keep.

Your pregnancy is a special time and experience for you and your family. I will personally look after your pregnancy with dedication and expert care. We will make sure any anxieties you may have are alleviated and ensure you are comfortable and relaxed. I will provide you with all necessary information, guidance and resources, which are proposed to meet the unique needs of you and your baby.

Counselling services are available for a range of gynaecological conditions and pre-conceptional advice. Consultations will involve respecting your choices, values and lifestyle. Problems will be dealt with utmost sensitivity and confidentiality. Full support is given to meet your needs. During the session, I will help you understand more clearly the issues that concern you, giving unbiased advice and full support at a pace that suits you.

The experience of pregnancy is unique and wonderful, for most mothers. Viewing your first live ultrasound and seeing your developing pregnancy brings tremendous feelings and a fascinating reality to your pregnancy. You can choose to have either 3D or 4D ultrasound at any stage of your pregnancy. For women who wish not to avail of the full antenatal package, a scan alone facility is available at your request or on GP referral.

I provide a wide range of services ranging from general women’s care to specialist gynaecological conditions. I understand the sensitivities of female health; emphasis is placed on your experience, ensuring a relaxed and intimate environment while providing the highest standard of care. Ultrasound facility is available for fertility and gynaecological problems.