Dr. Veni Yuddandi

Obstetrician Kilkenny

Dr. Veni Yuddandi,
Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist
FRCOG, FRCPI, Diploma in Advanced Obstetric Ultrasound, BSCCP Certified Colposcopist (British Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology).

Counselling Services



Generally infertility is where a couple has been trying to conceive for approximately a year but conception has been unsuccessful. There are many causes of infertility and sub infertility.

The most common causes of infertility:

  •  Women: ovulation dysfunction, hormonal imbalances, extremes of weight, tubal or cervical pathology, psychological stress or anxiety, endometriosis or polycystic ovarian syndrome
  •  Male: low sperm count, underlying genetic or medical conditions, factors such as smoking, alcohol or dietary that can have an on sperm functionality.
  •  In certain cases combined male and female factors may play a role. In certain situations there will not be an underlying cause for, which is unexplained infertility.

Most people find that infertility and assisted conception treatments are stressful and emotionally draining. I will help and support you through your consultations and treatment period in a private and confidential setting. 

On initial consultation, an extensive patient history is carried out to determine the cause of the problem in order for various treatment options to be recommended. We may carry out certain diagnostic investigations. Everything will be explained and discussed in detail to ensure full understanding of hopes, expectations and possible outcomes. We will talk about the issues that are concerning you and draft an individualised progression care plan taking into consideration various aspects of your life.


Sexual Problems

Some couples may have psychosexual problems, which means inability to have sex due to a psychological condition. Briefly, in women this may present as pain during intercourse or a decreased sexual interest, while in males’ problems with erection, ejaculation or libido may be experienced.

Most couple think psychological and sexual problems are ‘embarrassing’ to discuss and often lead their lives without seeking any professional help.

We will discuss your issues and concerns and also address both physiological and psychological factors that may be causing the sexual dysfunction, while establishing there is no medical reason underlying the problem. All conversations are confidential and are dealt with at most sensitivity.


Pre-conception Counselling:

Pregnancy can be stressful and challenging for women who have a history of serious pregnancy complications or have significant medical problems. The purpose of pre-conceptional care is to identify risk factors for adverse maternal and fetal outcome as well as educating and counselling women depending on their individual needs.

Ideally pre-conception counseling is necessary for all reproductively capable women when pregnancy is desired. It is recognized that unintended pregnancy may occur in >40% of pregnancies and that the diagnosis of pregnancy most frequently occurs late in the first trimester when organogenesis is nearly completed. The goal is optimizing the health of every woman prior to conception.


Counselling for contraception

For all reproductive age groups, fertility control is very important for health status of women, so that unintended pregnancies are prevented as this may cause social and psychological consequences.

Counselling is essential to provide you with evidence-based accurate information to assist you to choose the method that suits you. Understanding your needs is fundamental; I will help you in the process of choosing your choice of contraception from the available options.  I will address your specific concerns to promote your right decision about your contraception.


Counselling for Hormone replacement therapy

Most of the women will be able to manage their menopausal status well. Some may experience bothersome symptoms and looking for help. Making a decision on HRT is difficult as the current evidence is conflicting. This makes it challenging for women to understand which treatment options are available, effective and safe. In view of this, I can help you with information and the available evidence, so that you can make informed choice.


Counselling for your stressful times

Sometimes women can feel confused, disheartened, unsupported and may wish to talk to some one other than their friend or a family member to cope with their stressful feelings. Situations like miscarriage, recurrent miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth or termination, difficult pregnancy, labour, gynaecological operations for menorrhagia, permanent family planning and other procedures are some examples.  Attending supportive and confidential counselling may put your mind at ease and bring you a positive change that you deserve to be happy.